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Custom Metal Forming

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We specialise in the production of the following press metal parts and services:

1} Nylon washers made from high density pollyethilyne from small to large sizes made only to a specific size.

Press Metal Production - Nylon Washers Brisbane
2} Aluminium washers up to 6mm thick at 70mm diameter pressed to a specific size.
Aluminium Washers
3} Pression forming and bending made possible by a forming tool
Press forming and punching
4} Stainless steel formed disk at 100mm diameter
Sheet metal parts Brisbane
5} A nutsert can also be fitted on the job and is pression pressed to ensure no slippage or turning of the nutsert.
Press forming and punching
6} Small brackets made to a specific shape with prision hole spacing.
Small brackets
7} Press formed Stainless steel screw plate.
Press forming and punching
8} Zink plated pressed formed end caps made to suit a machine.
sheet metal forming
9} Deep drawing to obtain a formed cup shaped part.
Sheet metal parts Brisbane
10} Pressed saddle made from 11mm diameter material used to hold up heavy fixtures to a ceiling.
Saddle brackets
11} 10mm diameter threaded hooks mainly used to hold up a ceiling fan [ 10mm x 1-5mm pitch ]
threaded hooks
12} Pipe brackets pressed and punched from steel tube made to a specification.
small brackets
13} Shock absorber washers made from 300 grade steel at 3mm thick. Also stainless steel weld washers.
Copper washers, Nylon washers, Plastic washers Brisbane
14} Magnet case and pressed disks.
Sheet Metal Punching
15} Standard zinc plated flat washers.
Press forming and punching
16} Aluminium buckle shaped and formed by a pneumatic tool designed and built for production runs.
Aluminium buckle
17} Aluminium crimped pin 7mm diameter with a 8mm crimp to retain the pin used in louver applications.
crimped pin
18} Copper washers used for hydraulic fittings for the auto industry. size ranging from 10mm ID ,12mm, 14mm ID, 16mm ID and 18mm ID.
copper washers


Copper washers, aluminium washers, nylon washers Metal forming

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